......The iPhone-Band

ifourmance is what the word says. A performance with four musicians on an i, particulary: on there iphones.

Everyone, owning an iphone, has downloaded his favorits from the numerous apps, played around on a piano-app or a drum-app. To do this, in a group of four, to interprete entier songs (Kraftwerk, Hendrix or own compositions), as a band and live! That´s new...that´s ifourmance.

In their live-performance the four musicians demonstrate the variety of sounds on the little tools, they play different musical styles, and using 4 voice-harmonies, they combine accustic instruments, inbedded in a technicaly and visual stage-performance.

...check it out


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We use these Apps...
Guitarist, Bassist, Organist, NLogSynth, MusicStudio, iShred, iSample, Bebot, Dub Selector, Argon, AmbiSci ULT, HangDrum, Drums, Ambient Sound, Band, Digi Drummer, Drum Track8, Drummer, GrooveMaker, Bloom, iGuitarMania, Everyday Looper, Thereminator, Percussions und...Atomic Fart  ;)